• Madlib + MF DOOM Recording

    · By Erwin Morales

    Last Saturday as we announced on our social network pages, we played only Madlib and MF DOOM music.   The recording can be found on our Mixcloud or using the player below.    

  • A poor intent of unravelling Madvillainy: The Masterpiece in Hip-Hop

    · By Erwin Morales

    Hip Hop as many other musical scenes, expands on an unlimited way as the universe, but only some albums and artists transcend the boundaries of time and location leaving a mark on both the genre and its listeners. Among these timeless classics stands Madvillian's "Madvilianny", the iconic 2004 collaborative album between the multi instrumentalist, rapper (behind Quasimoto) and producer Madlib, and the rapper MF DOOM (all caps). Madviliany remains a cornerstone for the underground hip-hop. 
  • Record Store Day 2024

    · By Erwin Morales

    We're trilled to bring you our RSD list for this year!

    Note that this list is not definitive as we need to wait until the music is confirmed by our distribution channels.