Altin Gün - Gece - Vinyl - LP - 33RPM

Altin Gün




Genre: Psychedelic Rock
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Released on 2019 and following their hotly tipped 2018 debut album “On” – Altın Gün returns with an exhilarating second album. “Gece” firmly establishes the band as essential interpreters of the Anatolian rock and folk legacy and a leading voice in the emergent global psych-rock scene. Explosive, funky and transcendent.

The world is rarely what it seems. A glance doesn’t always reveal the whole truth. To find that, you need to burrow deeper. Listen to Altın Gün, for example; they sound utterly Turkish, but only one of the Netherlands-based band’s six members was born there. And while their new album, Gece, is electric, filled with funk-like grooves and explosive psychedelic textures, what they play - by their estimation - is folk music.

“It is,” insists band founder and bass player Jasper Verhulst. “The songs come out of a long tradition. This music tries to be a voice for many other people.”

While most of the material here has been a familiar part of Turkish life for many years - some of it associated with the late national icon Neşet Ertaş – it’s never been heard like this. This music is Turkish electric history, shot through with a heady buzz of 21st-century intensity.
Pumping, flowing, a new and leading voice in the emergent global psych scene.