Angola Soundtrack 2 - 33RPM

Angola Soundtrack 2


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Genre: African
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Since discovering the music of Angola 15 years ago, styles such as Kazucuta, Rebita and Semba have become an addiction for Samy Ben Redjeb, the compiler, who proclaimed a serious warning in the first edition liner notes: 'Listening to these tracks may cause addiction and provoke heavy rotation!'

The unique blend of incomparable musicianship, passionate delivery, and regional rhythms that make these tracks so combustible is no accident. An exceptional set of circumstances existed in the history of Angola before Independence that created a giant leap in the style and standard of bands and recordings of the time.

Os Anjos*– Avante Juventude 3:32
Quim Manuel O Espírito Santo– Senhor Doutor 3:35
Tony Von– N'Hoca 2:56
Urbano De Castro– Kia Lomingo 3:31
Os Jovens Do Prenda– Bina 4:20
Oscar Neves (2)– Mabelé 2:26
Africa Ritmos*– Agarrem 3:06
Os Kiezos– Saudades De Luanda 2:45
Kito (11)– Bongololo 3:23
Muhongo– N' Ga Kunu M' Butu 2:34
Negoleiros Do Ritmo– Lemba 3:25
Dicanzas Do Prenda– Snipes 4:08
Carlos Lamartine– Bazooka 3:26
Cisco (15)– Divua Diami 3:19
Elias Diá Kimuezo– Chamavo 3:33
Levis Vercky's*– Meca 5:06
Africa Ritmos*– Olha O Pica 3:26
Urbano de Castro– Fatimita 4:00
Africa Show 73*– Inspiração De Nito 3:30
Dimba Diangola*– Despedida 5:21