Anti-flag - The People Or The Gun LP [Vinyl] - 33RPM


The People Or The Gun


SideOneDummy Records

Genre: Punk
EAN: 0603967138511
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After fulfilling their two-record contract with a major, RCA Records, the band built a studio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, their hometown, to record their first release for SideOneDummy. By having their own studio and only having to work on their own schedule, they feel they are able to create statements and music that is relevant and timely - on their own terms. As much as Pittsburgh has shaped them, they have always done their best to get their message out to the world

Drummer Pat Thetic says, "It's become a main priority to keep the focus of our band and every show we play on community, whether it's canned food drives for local food banks, raising money to build wells in Africa, which we did on our U.S. tour, or clothing drives for the homeless on our Canadian tour.".