Ary Lobo - 1958 to 1966 - 33RPM

Ary Lobo

1958 to 1966


Analog Africa

Genre: Samba
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Among the singers and songwriters to emerge from Pará in the 1950s, Ary Lobo’s achieved a level of national fame unique for his time. As an interpreter of more than 700 songs his records not only brought him great notoriety but also provided him with a lot of cash. “O nosso valor que venceu na Maravilhosa” (Our values that won in Rio)” was the headline the Paraense press used to describe Ary Lobo’s conquest of the south. But what exactly did his victory mean? For black and mulato artists coming from impoverished contingent of Brazilian society, the ability to play a leading role in the world of radio, recordings and live performances was a significant achievement. This makes it easier to understand why so much of the money Ary Lobo obtained from his musical success was spent on the conspicuous pleasures of being a star. 

A1 Movimento Da Cidade 2:27
A2 Meus Guardados 3:02
A3 Batuque De Índio 2:21
A4 Adão Pecou 3:03
A5 Mensagem Ao Divino 2:14
A6 Pedido A Pedre Cicero 2:58
A7 Pedida A São Jorge 2:33
B1 Sinhá Olímpia 2:14
B2 Baião Macumba 2:27
B3 O Criador 2:30
B4 Evolução 2:48
B5 Garganta De Cera 2:30
B6 Visite O Terreiro 2:31
B7 Bate Malva 2:17
B8 Nêgo São 2:10