Asian Dub Foundation - Enemy of the Enemy LP [Vinyl] - 33RPM

Asian Dub Foundation

Enemy of the Enemy


Xray Productions

Genre: Dub
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Remastered reissue of the fourth studio album from 2003, with three bonus tracks - "Enemy Of The Enemy"

The ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION was formed in the early nineties and developed from a local music workshop offered by London social workers into a globally respected act. Already addressing its migrant roots in the band's name, the project has stood for a political agenda from the very beginning: racism, deadly borders, discrimination and social injustice are regular core topics. With their unmistakable crossover of powerful breakbeat rhythms, dubby bass, hard guitar riffs schooled in punk rock and energetic high-speed raps, they were at odds with the Britpop zeitgeist of their homeland in the mid-90s, but still made it into the charts with several albums, toured together with PRIMAL SCREAM and, surprisingly, always had their greatest success in France. Further tours with RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE or the BEASTIE BOYS as well as musical collaborations with RADIOHEAD, SINEAD O' CONNOR, IGGY POP and CHUCK D. increased the fame of the sextet. With "Enemy Of The Enemy" the Brits moved towards the zenith of their success: in France, Great Britain, Austria and Switzerland the album, released at the time on the VIRGIN outlet LABELS and produced and mixed by ADRIAN SHERWOOD, reached chart positions.