Assemblage 23 - Endure - 33RPM

Assemblage 23




Genre: EBM
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The American electronic artist Tom Shear reports back impressively

From the former flood of releases of the so-called Future Pop movement, only a few projects lasted. On album number seven, the Seattle-based electronic act founded by Tom Shear in 1988 proves that milestones like "Failure" (2001) or "Bruise" (2012) were no coincidence

"Endure" is bursting with creativity and self-confidence and presents with its enormous musical range exactly what fans adore Assemblage 23 for: electronic music at the highest level, with lyrics that get under your skin and are impressively brought to life thanks to Tom Shear's unique voice
He always sticks to his roots, yet he keeps reinventing his electronic universe. Probably "Endure" is the best Assemblage 23 album ever. Indispensable in any case for electronic junkies.