Baaba Maa - Being - 33RPM

Baaba Maa



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Genre: Wolrd
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"Baaba Maal's new album, Being, is a powerful continuation of his groundbreaking, transcendent work of the last forty years, blending the ancient and the modern. Recorded in Brooklyn, London and Senegal, the album continues the exciting collaboration with Johan Hugo and confirms Baaba Maal's position as one of the world's most fascinating musicians.

About ""Being,"" Baaba says, ""Every song on this album has its own personality, and that's something I always want in a record: songs that all have a really strong personality. Because to me, a song is like a person. It has a life, it has a name, it has a character, and it has a position in life. And I think what makes this album so powerful is that it's completely about now and where I am now and the dreams I have of the past and the future."""