Barry Reynolds - I Scare Myself - 33RPM

Barry Reynolds

I Scare Myself


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Genre: Rock
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Barry Reynolds gained his reputation in the 60's when he worked as a key session player with Compass Point Allstars. It was here that the foundation was laid for many years of collaboration with such artistic greats as Marianne Faithfull and Robert Palmer, among others.

in 1981, Reynolds released his first and only solo album, I Scare Myself, which included new original material as well as cover versions by other artists. With the help of his former band Compass Point Allstars, he presented some very intense songs from a great mix of singer-songwriter and reggae music.

It ranges from the sad ballad Times Square to the impressive title track I Scare Myself. After the release of this solo album, Barry Reynolds continued his collaboration with Marianne Faithfull and songs like Broken English and Why Do You Do It? were created.