Black Uhuru - Live At Rockpalast - Essen 1981 - 33RPM

Black Uhuru

Live At Rockpalast, Essen 1981



Genre: Roots Reggae
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For their appearance at the WDR Rockpalast in 1981, Sly & Robbie recruited the American rock guitarist Daryl Thompson, whom they knew from their time together with Peter Tosh, and the keyboardist Franklyn "Bubbler" Waul. Waul, however, was not allowed to play the reggae-typical shuffle organ, but steadily beat the offbeat into the piano. Together with Sly & Robbie, these two musicians formed the hard core of Black Uhuru, which, together with a second guitarist and a percussionist, also dominated the stage in Essen

Sly's varied drum patterns, Robbie's bass thrust, the straightforward offbeat and Thompson's distorted guitar licks were a combination that had never been heard before in reggae. A hypnotic Wall Of Sound as the basis for the revolutionary Rastafarian lyrics of Michael Rose, Puma Jones and Duckie Simpson, sporadically punctuated by surprising echo effects. As for so many bands, the appearance at Rockpalast meant the breakthrough for the band in Europe.