Budos Band - Burnt Offering - 33RPM

Budos Band

Burnt Offering



Genre: Afrobeat
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On their new album Budos Band process influences from Fela Kuti, Dyke and The Blazers to Black Sabbath and filter them through their own, constantly evolving aesthetics!

When it was time to find a title for their new album, a decision was obvious: "This isn't The Budos Band IV," said drummer Brian Profilio. "It's not just the same again."

In search of sources of inspiration, no matter how near or far, the Budos Band set off on an experimental journey in 2010 after the release of The Budos Band III. Using heavy cans of continent-spanning psychedelic rock, the Budos Band conjures up the occult and enchants the supernatural. Hence the title of the band's new fourth album: "Burnt Offering"