Budos Band - II - 33RPM

Budos Band




Genre: Afrobeat
EAN: 0823134001114
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The sophomore release from Brooklyn's own Budos Band is a sonic expedition that seamlessly blends Afrofunk, soul-jazz, 1970s blaxploitation vibes, 60s Now Sound LPs, Ethio-jazz, and irresistible funk. Each track is a tight package of infectious rhythms, compact solos, and bold themes. Like skilled archaeologists, the band delves into the layers of post-punk and post-disco eras to unearth the rich soil of late 1960s and early 70s music. The result is a hip and lethal concoction, deadly in large doses yet irresistibly groovy in moderation.

1 Chicago Falcon
2 Budos Rising
3 Ride Or Die4Mas O Menos
5 Adejini
6 King Cobra
7 His Girl
8 Origin Of Man
9 Scorpion
10 Deep In The Sand