Buho Ermitano - Implosiones - 33RPM

Buho Ermitano



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Genre: Psychedelic Rock
EAN: 3125069103770
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Implosiones is the second album by Buho Ermita–o, Peruvian psych explorers. With references to kraut rock and the Andean folk of groups like El Polen, the sound of Bœho Ermita–o is immersed in hypnotic instrumental explorations, melodic passages and in bursts of cosmic rock. Implosiones is a renovating sound synthesis that places the band as one of the new referents of psychedelic rock in Peru.

Formed in Lima in 2008 by Franz Nœ–ez (guitar) and Diego Pando (guitar), they began as a jam band. With the addition of Irving Fuentes (charango) and Leo Pando (synthesizers), the group's sound began to have its own colour, which found its final formation with the inclusion in 2014 of Ale Borea (percussion) and Juan Camba (drums). Since then, they have been an active band in the underground circuit of Lima, alternating with psychedelic rock bands and experimental music artists (several members of Bœho Ermita–o play at the same time in various sound experimentation musical projects). It is with this formation that the group has recorded Implosiones, incorporating a wide range of instruments that includes guitars, bass, drums, synthesizers, theremin, electronic loops, bongos, flutes, djembes, charango, among others.