Burial - Antidawn - 33RPM



12'' Single


Genre: Ambient
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British dubstep musician William Emmanuel Bevan, aka Burial, unveils his new EP "Antidawn" in 2022. The five-song EP follows the release of "Dolphinz," the B-side of 2020's EP "Chemz," and "Shock Power Of Love," Burial's split EP with London producer Blackdown.

"The record explores an in-between zone between dislocated, patchwork songwriting and eerie, open-ended game-world atmosphere. In the resulting no-man's land, lyrics take precedence over vocals, lonely phrases color the haze, and an austere and fragmented structure slows time down," reads a description of Burial.

Antidawn" tells the story of a wintry city that you want to follow into the night. The result, he says, is both soothing and unsettling, creating a calm and eerie glow against the cold. Sometimes it takes your breath away when it gets to a "bad place." And time just stops, he says.