Burial - Untrue HDBLP002 - 33RPM


Untrue HDBLP002

12'' Single


Genre: Ambient
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Including the four atmospheric beatless tracks that have always been an integral part of the full album CD, but were not included on the vinyl version in the past. So now as a DJ-friendly 13-track double vinyl! Of all the artists who like to eloquently claim that they prefer to let the music speak for itself, Burial is one of the few whose music actually speaks for itself. In fact, the man is so opposed to becoming a victim of the cult of personality that surrounds many a producer and musician that he remains a true hermit; never performing live, only a single blurred photo exists and even his interviews can be counted on one hand.

And yet, his music speaks with a loud and clear voice and has fallen on open ears since his Hyperdub debut of 2005 "South London Boroughs" at the latest. "South London Boroughs" has since been considered the benchmark in the increasingly popular dubstep genre and landed at the very, very top of many "Best Of" polls of the year. Burial hasn't been idle in that time, however: "Untrue" is a new record full of twisted soul that introduces female vocals to Burial's R&B and blurred garage 2step for the first time. Where "Burial" was dank, stifling and incredibly sad, the sun comes up on "Untrue." Many of the tracks are so sweet they almost come across as venomous and are amplified by the otherworldly fat bass.