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Tago Mago



Genre: Krautrock
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Recorded in just three months, the band's double album (gatefold) was released in 1971 and was still made at Nörvenich Castle. It belongs to the world cultural heritage of recent music history, just like "Sergeant Pepper" by the Beatles, "Electric Ladyland" by Hendrix or the banana album debut by the Velvet Underground.

The seven tracks collected here continue to define the DNA of popular music today. "Tago Mago" occupies a special position in the work of the band Can. It is Mount Everest, the highest condensation of a sheer will to express, which accepted neither stylistic pettiness nor musical genre boundaries and was what "sounds only like itself, like nothing before or after" ("sounds only like itself, like no-one before or after" (Julian Cope, "Krautrocksampler").

In fact, "Tago Mago" was often called a "magic record", a mysterious journey into the dark heart of a hitherto unheard music.


1: Paperhouse
2: Mushroom
3: Oh Yeah

4 Halleluwah
1: Aumgn
2: Peking O.
3: Bring Me Coffee Or Tea