Chano Pozo - Rumbero Mayor LP [Vinyl] - 33RPM

Chano Pozo

Rumbero Mayor



Genre: Son Cubano
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Grosso! Recordings present Rumbero Mayor: An Overview of the Legendary Afro-Cuban Conguero That Changed Latin Music and Jazz Forever, a collection featuring Chana Pozo. Some tracks have been remastered and restored and some are presented on vinyl after many years. Format and selection designed for DJs, collectors, and general public. Complete liner notes Spanish/English by collector and DJ, Pablo "Bongohead" Yglesias. Edition of 500.

"The story of Luciano 'Chano' Pozo González (born January 7, 1915 in Havana, died December 3, 1948 in New York City), is the stuff of myth and legend, of triumph and tragedy, and like that of several similar seminal figures in the history of the music of the Americas (Robert Johnson comes to mind), someone born of African ancestry and humble economic origin ends up influencing global popular culture and changing the course of music as we know it but then dies all too young to realize their full potential or enjoy the fruits of their labor. But who was Chano and what makes him so important? He was a multi-talented percussionist, composer and dancer who demanded satisfaction in life and lived it to the hilt. More importantly, he was well aware of his African roots and figured out how to blend the ancient and the modern in Latin music such a way as had never been done before." --Pablo "Bongohead" Yglesias New York City, May 2019

"Chano was a showman. He was a creator. You could never predict what the guy was going to do next. He's one of those kinds of people with a million ideas. Same thing applies with his playing, he never played congas like these guys... he always finds something to fit in different, this is why his value is so big. Sometimes you gotta die and rest in peace for 20 years before the people start evaluating what you're doing. Now they want to know because so much has happened with the conga, that they want to know where that comes from, and they got to go to the roots." --Mario Bauzá

"It was similar to a nuclear weapon when it burst on the scene. They'd never seen a marriage of Cuban music and American music like that before." --Dizzy Gillespie