Charlie Parker - Art Café Society LP [Vinyl] - 33RPM

Charlie Parker

Art Café Society


Birds Nest

Genre: Jazz
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Centennial Celebration Collection 1920-2020 - celebrating the 100th birthday of Charlie Parker!
Charlie Parker's engagement at Café Society took place in the last year of the existence of this famous club. Two days before the start of his engagement, on June 6, 1950, he recorded his last studio album with Dizzy Gillespie, the acclaimed Bird & Diz with Thelonious Monk on piano. During those months, as Bird himself had announced, he played with strings. For some reason, however, Café Society had booked him not with strings, but with his quintet with Kenny Dorham on trumpet, Al Haig on piano, Tommy Potter on bass and Roy Haynes on drums.
This music came from non-professional private tapes and its technical sound quality is not up to today's standards. Every effort has been made to improve the sound quality through advanced restoration technologies.