Cian Ducrot - Victory LP [Vinyl] - 33RPM

Cian Ducrot




Genre: Pop
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Supply for all fans of emotional and modern singer-songwriter music. With "Victory" by Cian Ducrot, the eagerly awaited debut of the British shooting star is in the starting blocks.

The Irishman was already surrounded by music as a child. His mother was a concert pianist and flutist and he learned to play guitar, piano, saxophone, drums, violin and flute at an early age. His talent was so great that he received a scholarship to the London Royal Academy Of Music to study playing the flute. However, the 25-year-old ended his studies prematurely in order to concentrate entirely on his passion, pop music.

In 2021 Cian Ducrot's first singles were released and in December the debut EP "Make Believe". With his emotional and approachable tracks, the multi-talented artist immediately won many fans and the attention of major record labels.

Now finally follows his first full album "Victory". On it, of course, are "All For You" and "I'll Be Waiting", the two top 20 hits from the UK, with which Cian Ducrot could already reach over 300 million streams online. The deep insights that the musician provides in his songs magically attract his listeners. In the soulful "Part Of Me", for example, Cian Ducrot processes the suicide of a good friend. While "Heaven" is dedicated to his brother and celebrates the importance of family and cohesion.

The emotional range of "Victory" is thus in no way inferior to the musical one. A remarkably sensitive debut that proves what a great singer-songwriter talent Cian Ducrot is and definitely makes you want more.