Coscradh - Nahanagan Stadial - 33RPM


Nahanagan Stadial


Invictus Productions

Genre: Death Metal
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The album titled Nahanagan Stadial, is an Irish term for a rapid onset of a glacial period 10000 years ago, rendering life extinct. A massive rise in oceans blocked out the sun, coronal mass ejections and sunbursts hit the planet, overturning civilisation which brought a new ice age upon the island of Ireland.


Since their formation in 2015, Coscradh have been one of Ireland’s best-kept secrets simply by virtue of never having released a full-length. Patiently and persistently – and through a few lineup changes, too – the band came to embody a unique grimy ‘n’ gutted sort of black/death METAL, as their debut demo in 2016 and successive EPs in 2017 and 2021 finessed new hideous shape out of that dread ore. Not withstanding that Coscradh also honored their Gallic roots with that ancient tongue and attendant thematics…