Retrospekt - CP 81 Portable Cassette Player & C23 Compilation - 33RPM


CP 81 Portable Cassette Player & C23 Compilation

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Dais Records, the LA/NYC-based label representing sonically expressive and visually dynamic artists, has partnered with analogue innovator and product design studio Retrospekt. Dais's legacy and tradition perfectly fit with Retrospekt's mission statement: "Revitalizing retro tech for a new generation". Their first collaboration results in a sleek, white, limited edition Retrospekt CP-81 portable cassette player that includes an exclusive 19-track compilation cassette of unreleased material from the label's roster, titled DAIS223. Nathaniel Young, creative designer at Dais, has redesigned the standard presentation of the CP-81 for both the player and the packaging. The white Dais edition of the cassette player is packaged in a white box with black text, along with a set of white Dais headphones and the C23 compilation tape. The device has all the essential functions of a cassette player: play, fast forward, rewind, and record. It comes with adjustable Dais headphones.

The Dais x Retrospekt cassette player is limited to 1000 units - the cassette is not sold separately. Functions include: Play, fast forward, rewind, record, microphone jack, headphone jack, Type-C USB power supply, and battery operation possible. Included are: Portable cassette player, C23 cassette tape, 2x AA batteries, Adjustable Dais headphones, and User manual. 

The compilation title DAIS223 refers to the catalogue number (DAIS223). DAIS223 contains unreleased tracks by High Vis, High-Functioning Flesh, RIKI, Private World, Helm, Tor Lundvall, CoH, AURAGRAPH, ADULT, Drew McDowall, SRSQ, Cold Gawd, remixes by SPICE and Cold Showers as well as demos by Body of Light, Choir Boy, VR Sex and Xeno & Oaklander.


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