Cuba: Music And Revolution 1975 1985 Vol. 1 - 33RPM

Cuba: Music And Revolution 1975 1985 Vol. 1


Soul Jazz Records

Genre: Afrocuban Jazz
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Cuba: Music and Revolution: Culture Clash in Havana: Experiments in Latin Music 1975-85 Vol. 1 is a new album compiled by Gilles Peterson and Stuart Baker (Soul Jazz Records) that explores the many new styles that emerged in Cuba in the 1970s as Jazz, Funk, Brazilian Tropicalia and even Disco mixed together with Latin and Salsa on the island as Cuban artists experimented with new musical forms created in the unique socialist state. The music on this album features legendary Cuban groups such as Irakere, Los Van Van and Pablo Milanés as well as a host of lesser known artists such as the radical Grupo De Experimentación, Juan Pablo Torres and Algo Nuevo, Grupo Monumental and Orquesta Ritmo Oriental, groups whose names remain largely unknown outside of Cuba owing to the now 60-year old US trade embargo which remains in place today and which prevents trade with Cuba - and thus most Cuban records were only ever available in Cuba or in ex-Soviet Union states. 

1 Grupo Irakere - Chequere Son
2 Conjunto Rumbavana - El Son Del Campeon
3 Juan Formell & Los Van Van - Mi Ritmo Caliente
4 Grupo Monumental - Mi Son Caridad
5 Grupo De Experimentación Sonora Del Icaic - Sondeando
6 Las D'Aida - Con Cadencia y Con Dulzura
7 Juan Formell & Los Van Van - Y No Le Conviene
1 Pablo Milanés - Te Quiero Porque Te Quiero
2 Emíliano Salvador - Luna Wanestain
3 Los Reyes 73 - Un Lamento Hecho Cancion
4 Eduardo Ramos - Vocación Revolución
5 Grupo Mounmental - Hasta Las Cuantas
6 Los 5 U 4 - Solo Esta Musica
7 Grupo De Experimentación Sonora Del Icaic -Canción Con
8 Orquesta Los Van Van - Yo Se Que Van Van
1 Grupo Monumental - Nadie Se Siente Cansado
2 Orquesta Ritmo Oriental - Maria, Baila El Son
3 Juan Pablo Torres y Algo Nuevo - Rompe Cocorioco
4 Los Reyes 73 - Grandes Amigos
5 Paquito D'Rivera - La Patica
6 Grupo De Experimentación Sonora Del Icaic - Grifo
7 Raúl Gómez - Dacapo
8 Grupo Irakere - Juana 1600