Damo Suzuki (ex-Can): Arkaoda LP [Vinyl] - 33RPM

Damo Suzuki (ex

Can): Arkaoda



Genre: Psychedelic Rock
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A traveler without age, Damo Suzuki has traveled throughout space-time. Presenting the light of "instant composing" to new generations, he refers to his makeshift collaborators as sound carriers.

Exactly fifty years after the release of the iconic Ege Bamyasi we can hear his voice on another fantastic album, born of imagination Manifested from the meeting with the Spiritczualic Enhancement Center - an eight-member group of self-proclaimed disciples of CAN University, gathered in the Arkaoda (Turkish for "back room"). Named after the place in Berlin where it was recorded, this release freewheels along that ancestral highway of consciousness.

A witness to this session was quoted calling it "unfiltered, free, de-programming music" The LP's three ephemeral tracks, named U, Ra, Beya (Japanese for "back room"), are unity-building, non-bole excerpts from this early 2020 gathering.

We will miss you Damo Susuki, rest in power