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International Anthem

Genre: Contemporary Jazz
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Originally conceived as a medium for the sample-based sound collages of Chicago multimedia artist and activist Damon Locks, Black Monument Ensemble (BME) has evolved from a solo mission to a vibrant collective of artists, musicians, singers and dancers working with common goals of joy, compassion and intention. BME members range in age from 9 to 52. Members include instrumentalists and IARC colleagues Angel Bat Dawid and Ben LaMar Gay

Their debut album, Where Future Unfolds, received high praise from International Anthem in 2019; it landed at #3 on Bandcamp's "Best Albums of the Year," #25 on WIRE Magazine's "Best Albums of 2019," and was repeatedly dubbed "The Best Album of 2019" by BBC/Worldwide Radio titan Gilles Peterson.

Locks & BME's new album NOW was created in the final throes of the summer of 2020, after months of pandemic-induced fear and isolation, the explosion of social unrest, struggle and violence in the streets, and when the certainty of a new reality had fully taken hold. Safely set up in the backyard behind Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago, the music was recorded in just a few takes, with the members of BME playing or singing the pieces for the first time. For Locks, it was more about coming together and making art than it was about producing an album. In his words, "It was about offering a new thought. It was about resisting the darkness. It was about expressing possibilities. It was about asking the question, 'As the future has unfolded and taken on a new and dangerous form ... what is happening NOW?'"


1 Now (Forever Momentary Space)
2 The People vs The Rest of Us
3 Keep our Mind Free
4 Barbara Jones-Hogu and Elizabeth Catlett Discuss Liberation
5 Movement And You
6 The Body Is Electric