Depeche Mode - Ultra the Singles Box Set - 33RPM

Depeche Mode

Ultra the Singles Box Set

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Genre: Synthpop
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Sony Music Entertainment releases "Ultra | The 12" Singles", a new deluxe box set from the successful Collector's Edition

The set includes eight vinyl maxis that feature the singles "Barrel of a Gun," "It's No Good," "Home" and "Useless." Plus exciting B-sides, mixes and live recordings from the time "Ultra," the band's ninth studio album, hit the market (release date: April 14, 1997)

Three* maxi-singles in the box set feature tracks that were released as CD singles in 1997. The covers of these discs, which now - with a newly compiled track list - appear for the first time on 12" vinyl, correspond in their artwork to the original CDs

"Ultra" was the first DM album since 1982's "A Broken Frame" that the band recorded as a trio (Martin Gore, David Gahan, Andrew Fletcher). With this LP, which features the classics "Barrel of a Gun," "It's No Good," "Home" and "Useless," Depeche Mode continued the successful tradition of releasing spectacular maxi singles to accompany their albums.