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Greatests Hits



Genre: Industrial
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Einstürzende Neubauten have been in business for more than 35 years. It's about time for a musical career review. in 2016, the Berlin band fulfills this wish and presents a "Greatest Hits" compilation for the first time in their career.

These are a selection of favorite songs, a cross-section of their discography. Included are classics like "Die Interimsliebenden" and "Salamandrina" from their 1993 album "Tabula Rasa" or "The Garden" from the record "Ende Neu" (1996). Also waiting are some new hits like "Let's It A Da DA" and "Nagorny Karabakh" from "Alles wieder offen" (2007) and "How Did I Die?" from the 2014 album "Lament". A highlight is also a new version of "House of Lies" from the 1989 album of the same name.

A total of 15 titles have made it onto the "Greatest Hits". Some have been remixed especially for this.

In addition to the standard CD, the "Greatest Hits" are also available as a double LP and as a special edition with two 180 g vinyls and lyrics.


A1 The Garden 5:13
A2 Let's Do It A Da Da 5:32
A3 Die Interimsliebenden 5:01
A4 Haus Der Lüge (New Mix / Rec) 4:00
B1 Sabrina 4:40
B2 Sonnenbarke 7:00
B3 Susej 4:46
B4 Total Eclipse Of The Sun 3:52
C1 Dead Friends (Around The Corner) 4:50
C2 Die Befindlichkeit Des Landes 6:02
C3 Redukt 10:13
D1 Nagorny Karabach 4:25
D2 Salamandrina 3:00
D3 How Did I Die? 7:31
D4 Ein Leichtes Leises Säuseln 4:32