Electric Moon - Live 2012 - I - 33RPM

Electric Moon

Live 2012 I


Electric Moon

Genre: Sahel
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Live 2012 - I and II is a 2 part series of live recordings from the same weekend in summer 2012. Back then, only recorded for reference by the band, with improvised equipment.
“Live 2012 - I” got recorded live at the Zytanien Open Air on a friday and has a more
technoid vibe to it, while “Live 2012 - II” got recorded the night after on the Rock Den See Festival, and has a more rock attitude to it.

They got released as very limited CD-R editions and digitally.
Now, 11 years later, Pancromatic Record Norway allows us to listen to those recordings on vinyl, which is two releases on a colored double LP each, with fitting and new artwork by Lulu Artwork.
For this release, the recordings got mastered as good as possible by Falko at Institut für angewandten Krach.