Elton John - Leather Jackets LP [Vinyl] - 33RPM

Elton John

Leather Jackets


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Genre: Rock
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Remastered at Lurssen Sound, USA, UMC/EMI now complete the Elton John Remastered Vinyl series launched in 2016. This includes "21 At 33" and "Ice On Fire". Also included are "Jump Up!", "Leather Jackets", "Reg Strickes Back", originally released in June 1988 and certified gold in August of the same year, and "The Fox", a favorite among Elton aficionados and can be seen as a transitional work between the experimental records from the end of the decade and his full creative rebirth two years later with "Too Low For Zero".


Also released are "The Complete Thom Bell Sessions", which brings together the complete recording sessions of Elton John and the famous R&B songwriter and producer Thom Bell, and "Made In England". Also included are the albums "The Diving Board", which debuted at number 3 in the British album charts in 2013, and the album "Wonderful Crazy Night".

The entire collection includes hits such as "Little Jeannie", "Nikita", "Blue Eyes", "Hoop Of Fire", "I Don't Wanna Go On Wit You Like That", "A Word in Spanish", "Made In England", "Blessed", "Mama Can't Buy You Love", "Home Again", "Wonderful Crazy Night", "In The Name Of You" and "A Good Heart". All re-releases were faithfully recorded, packaged and edited at Abbey Road Studios.