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Il Serpente OST



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“Il Serpente” (Night Flight from Moscow) is a 1973 spy and thriller film directed by Henri Verneuil,
starring among others Yul Brinner, Henry Fonda and Philippe Noiret.
It’s one of the French director’s six movies that feature a soundtrack composed by Ennio Morricone,
who here managed to describe the thrilling atmosphere of this high-voltage espionage, alternating
dramatic and mysterious passages ("Assassinio sul Lago", "Il Serpente") and experimental ones
("Astrazione con Ritmo", "Esplicitamente Sospeso") to other soft and sensual ("Canzone Lontana"),
still with the amazing contribution of Edda Dell'Orso and Alessandro Alessandroni’s I Cantori Moderni.
"Tema per una Donna Sola" Morricone is a sweet and melancholic theme with modern rhythmic
patterns; There is also music with a danceable flavor such as "Nadine" with organ, groovy drums and
rock guitars, always with Cantori Moderni’s wonderful voices, a solemn church organ-only
composition (“Orazione”) and an excited march ("Parata Militare").
Clear yellow vinyl edition with remastered audio and new artwork.