Eric Boss - A Modern Love - 33RPM

Eric Boss

A Modern Love


Mocambo Records

Genre: Funk
EAN: 5050580711785
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Debut album of singer Eric Boss, released in 2021. The album is a soulful tribute to classic R&B and funk of the 60s and 70s, with Boss's smooth vocals backed by a tight band with lush horn arrangements.

Here is the tracklist:

  1. "Get Next to You"
  2. "Your Life is Up to You"
  3. "Don't Give Your Heart Away"
  4. "Closer to the Spirit"
  5. "A Modern Love"
  6. "Bad Luck"
  7. "Memory Lane"
  8. "Can't Stop Thinking About You"
  9. "Just Can't Get Enough"
  10. "The World Is Just a Circle"
  11. "No Love for Me"
  12. "My Love Is Real"