Ernesto Djédjé - Roi Du Ziglibithy - 33RPM

Ernesto Djédjé

Roi Du Ziglibithy


Analog Africa

Genre: Funk/Soul
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The song Zighlibitiens, brought to Colombia by an aeronautical mechanic in the early 1980, would become a huge hit on the Caribbean Coast. Renamed “El Tigre” by locals soundsystem operators - certainly due to the Badmos logo - that particular song would reach legendary status in Barranquilla and Cartagena. Setting fire to uncountable local parties, it has become one of the most sought-after Album in that part of the world. And so, while Ziglibithy has mostly disappeared from the airwaves of its country of birth, on the other side of the Atlantic, its fire continues to shine bright.


A1 Nini 5:01
A2 Ziglibithiens 8:46
B1 Bliwana 5:03
B2 Golozo 7:02