ESG - Come Away With Esg - 33RPM


Come Away With Esg


Fire Fidelity

Genre: Funk/Soul
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"Come Away With ESG" is the classic, genre-busting debut album from Bronx sisters ESG. The sample-friendly opus that is the inspiration for hip-hop, house and post-punk. Music that falls out of the no-wave, new-wave and post-punk library, it's for the dance floor, but it's not funk, there are no horns, no driving organ; it's the opposite of Sly And The Family Stone, but no less cool and no less groovy.


A1 Come Away 3:11
A2 Dance 4:30
A3 You Make No Sense 2:18
A4 Parking Lot Blues 2:50
A5 Chistelle 1:51
A6 About You 2:02
B1 It's Alright 2:35
B2 Moody (Spaced Out) 4:15
B3 Tiny Sticks 3:01
B4 The Beat 2:15
B5 My Love For You