Fela Kuti - Gentleman - 33RPM

Fela Kuti



Kniting Factory

Genre: Afrobeat
EAN: 0720841206910
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On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, Fela Kuti's legendary "Gentleman" is released on colored vinyl in a limited edition - a real collector's item!

The Nigerian musician Fela Kuti is considered the founder of Afrobeat. The Knitting Factory label is now presenting various works from his back catalog as a new vinyl edition. These were originally part of the set "Vinyl Box 3 / Compiled by Brian Eno" and were not available individually.

created in 1973, "Gentleman" is the direct precursor to the legendary album "Alagbon Close" - and all the ingredients of the legendary Afrobeat are already perfectly laid out here. Thematically, the album oscillates between colonialism (the title track) and personal experiences. "Fefe Naa Efe" celebrates overcoming heartache, while "Igbe" (meaning "shit") explores when a person acts "shit": from betrayal to a lack of self-respect.



  1. 1Gentleman
  2. 2Igbe (Na Shit)
  3. 3Fe Fe Ne Eye Fe