Fela Kuti - Zombie - 33RPM

Fela Kuti



Kniting Factory

Genre: Afrobeat
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The Nigerian musician Fela Kuti is considered the founder of Afrobeat. The label Knitting Factory now presents various works from the backcatalogue as a new vinyl edition. These originally came from the set "Vinyl Box 3 / Compiled by Brian Eno" and were not available individually.

The 1976 album means with the term "zombie" a soldier. Because a total of 1000 soldiers marched towards the buildings of the Kalakuta Republic, the recording studios of Fela Kuti. During this action, not only was the equipment destroyed, recordings confiscated and Fela Kuti severely beaten up, but Fela Kuti's mother was thrown out of a window on the second floor. As a result, she lay in a coma for weeks. A huge break in Fela Kuti's biography and the violent reaction of a state to his music!