Galt MacDermot - Woman Is Sweeter - 33RPM

Galt MacDermot

Woman Is Sweeter


Now-Again Records

Genre: Soundtrack
EAN: 0659457524210
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All Analog Lacquer by Bernie Grundman. Also Features An Extensive Booklet By Now-Again's Eothen Alapatt.
The definitive reissue of HAIR composer Galt MacDermot's masterpiece - a quirky instrumental album originally created as the
soundtrack to a film about fashion designer Yves St. Laurent. Long loved by hip hop samplers - one of the first to use it was the
legendary J Dilla - funk and rare groove aficionados and those into the shapes of rhythm. Woman Is Sweeter is one of the few releases
to feature drummers Bernard Purdie and Idris Muhammad on the same album. Presented for RSD 2023 in the first ever reissue from
master tapes, lacquered in an all-analog transfer by Bernie Grundman with an extensive booklet written by Now-Again's Eothen Alapatt,
who worked with Galt Mac- Dermot since the 1990s, about the composer's life in music."

A Side: 1. Tango 2. Fragments I 3. Fragments
IB 4. Fragments II 5. Bass 6. Cathedral 7. Woman Is Sweeter.

B Side: 1. Moving Clothes 2. Bathtub 3. Radio Rock 4. Princess Gika 5.
Merry-Go-Round 6. Space 7. Perfume Bottles.