Giant Sand - Center of the Universe - 33RPM

Giant Sand

Center of the Universe


Fire Records

Genre: Indie Rock
EAN: 809236117311
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Expanded double LP edition of the early Ô90s Giant Sand gem, including a second previously unreleased disc featuring live recordings from Sub Pop's Vermonstrous Festival, 1992. With new liner notes and commentary from Howe Gelb. An everyday tale of answering machines, petroglyphs and a Takamine guitar; true stories from Joshua Tree: ÒAnother fascinating set of desert-fried rock ÔnÕ roll, serving up one winner after another.Ó (AllMusic). A masterpiece of psychedelic desert-rock, a spiritual cousin to the Meat Puppets' ÔUp On The SunÕ and Kyuss's ÔSky ValleyÕ.