Gogol Bordello - Seekers & Finders - 33RPM

Gogol Bordello

Seekers & Finders


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Genre: Punk
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Seekers and Finders doesn’t find Gogol Bordello straying far from the formula or style that’s made them successful for all these years, but they certainly manage to make it sound fresh again. “Did It All” kicks off the album with a primal energy that creates the momentum for the following two tracks, “Walking on the Burning Coal” and “Break into our Higher Self.” The title track features a guest appearance from Regina Spektor, a Russian-born piano-based artist who also claims the spirit of punk as part of her musical style. Hütz and Spektor have strikingly different singing styles that create a jarring, though not unpleasant, contrast between them as the song seems to invite the listener to join in a folk dance. A few songs, like “Familia Bonfireball” and “Love Gangsters” feel like instances of Hütz coming up with the title of the song first and then building the song around the two letter phrase he came up with for the title, but then never being able to really successfully sell the listener on how clever the title is. “If I Ever Get Home Before Dark,” though, is such a beautiful song that builds up for a long time towards a gorgeous crescendo, making for a song that should remain a Gogol Bordello classic for life.