Greentea Peng - RISING - 33RPM

Greentea Peng



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Genre: Soul
EAN: 5400863096229
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Greentea Peng's RISING EP was a turning point in her career, this 7-track vinyl pressing features some of her biggest tracks such as 'DownersÕ and ÔMr. Sun (miss da sun)' that launched her into the limelight and solidified her position as one of the most exciting artists coming out of the UK right now. This new pressing of ÔRISINGÕ will be pressed on Eco vinyl, using offcuts and waste from other vinyl pressing runs, melting them down and creating new records from the vinyl waste. Each record will be slightly unique in colour and pattern. Records are brown/crimson with a marble effect containing black, green, blue and grey highlights. Each record is slightly different due to the eco element, using melted down offcuts from other pressing runs. Colour may vary.