Gunship - Unicorn - 33RPM




Horsie In The Hedge,

Genre: Synthpop
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"Imagination Is A Weapon" is the tagline of the new Gunship album. This statement sums up the core theme of their third record. Gunship invites listeners to celebrate the power of imagination and embark on a quest to find the unicorn in their own lives. Dive into the imagination reveling - find your unicorn. These determined dreamers will change the world when their visions are turned into reality.

With their third album Unicorn, Gunship continues to push the boundaries of the synthwave genre. Special guests include: John Carpenter, Gavin Rossdale (Bush), Dave Lombardo (Slayer), Carpenter Brut, Timmy Cappello (Lost Boys), Health, Tyler Bates (John Wick, Guardians Of The Galaxy), Lights, Power Glove, Charlie Simpson, Britta Phillips (Jem) and Milkie Way (Wargasm).