Half Japanese - The Band That Would Be King - 33RPM

Half Japanese

The Band That Would Be King


Fire Records

Genre: Alternative Rock/Experimental
EAN: 809236130815
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"The seminal album from Half Japanese back on Limited edition Orange vinyl and featuring updated artwork and liner notes from Jad Fair and producer Kramer. This is the Zen of Half Japanese, of prolific songwriter Jad Fair; wide-eyed crooner, humorous raconteur and spontaneous storyteller. A genre-bending romp through the mind of the man, originally
released in 1989 in a purple patch for the group, preceded by ÔMusic To Strip ByÕ and ÔCharmed LifeÕ. ÒHalf Japanese were a song machine,Ó attested Pitchfork, while AllMusic saw this album as a collection of Òhumorous lo-fi rock ÔnÕ roll hit singles.Ó"