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Genre: Rock
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After his last album "Post Pop Depression", which he released three years ago together with Josh Homme, and which reached the Top 10 internationally several times, Iggy Pop was exhausted. He simply wanted to be free.

2019 it is, at least it sounds like it. "Free" is the name of perhaps the most unusual album of his long career.

The Godfather of Punk has recorded ten songs for it. And already the first song, the title track "Free", is different from what we are used to from him: an ambient jazz short trip of less than two minutes.

Iggy himself described "Free" as an album where other artists speak for him, but through his voice. What exactly does that mean? We can be curious.

He is supported on the record by Leron Thomas (trumpeter, composer, producer) and Sarah Lipstate (guitarist) aka Noveller.

Even after 50 years and more than 20 solo albums, Iggy Pop still manages to surprise his listeners. If you want to see for yourself, you can orderthe new album "Free" online now.