Jaco Pastorius: Jaco Pastorius LP [Vinyl] - 33RPM

Jaco Pastorius

Jaco Pastorius


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Genre: Jazz
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American jazz bassist Jaco Pastorius recorded numerous successful albums with his band Weather Report and also established himself as a recognized solo musician, releasing several solo albums. Pastorius has been praised as one of the best electric bassists of all time.

He died in 1987 at the age of 35 after a violent incident in a bar in Fort Lauderdale in the US state of Florida. This self-titled album was Pastorius' solo debut and was originally released in 1976. The bass parts are outstanding and a good example of how skilled and talented Jaco was. His virtuoso solos continue to impress the musician community to this day.

This debut album lives from the versatility and the different musical styles he picked up for his songs here. Jaco Pastorius was only 24 years old when he recorded the album - this fact shows the special talent of the musician who died under tragic circumstances.

JACO PASTORIUS is widely acknowledged for his skills as an electric bass player. He died in 1987 at age 35 following a violent incident at a Fort Lauderdale drinking establishment

This self-titled album was PASTORIUS' solo debut and was originally released in 1976. As living legend Pat Metheny puts it in the liner notes on one of the re-issues of Pastorius' albums:

"Jaco Pastorius may well have been the last jazz musician of the 20th century to have made a major impact on the musical world at large. Everywhere you go you hear Jaco's sound; from the latest TV commercial to bass players of all stripes copping his licks on recordings of all styles, from news broadcasts to famous rock and roll bands, from hip hop samples to personal tribute records, you hear the echoes of that unmistakable sound everywhere."