Jazzanova - The Pool LP [Vinyl] - 33RPM


The Pool


Sonar Kollektiv

Genre: Jazz
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The fifth album "The Pool" is Jazzanova's most mature work to date. The Berlin DJ and producer collective, which after numerous remixes has also been operating as a band for some time, welcomes a host of great guests such as Jamie Cullum, Ben Westbeech, Pete Josef, Rachel Sermanni, Olivier St. Louis, Paul Randolph and Charlotte OC. All bring their own distinctive style while demonstrating a fine sense of Jazzanova's musical identity.

Something that might be described as "neo-soul with a jazz attitude unafraid of pop." Above all, the protagonists meet in the finest songs. "The Pool" flows from one track to the next, blending digital sounds, samples and acoustic instruments into a captivating overall sound picture.

It starts with brooding hot mood and the woozy drums of "Now (L.O.V.E. And You & I - Part 2)" with Oddisee and leads via the haunting "Rain Makes The River" or Pete Josef's heavy "Follow Your Feet" to the good-humored hip hop of "No 9".

"Sincere" with Noah Slee is a nasty mix of synth textures, driving beats and swinging percussion, while "Slow Rise" evokes associations with a sunny island thanks to David Lemaitre's soulful vocals.