Jeff Parker - Forfolks - 33RPM

Jeff Parker



International Anthem

Genre: Jazz
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Jeff Parker's Forfolks - a new album of solo guitar pieces - will be released December 10, 2021 via International Anthem and Nonesuch Records. The album features interpretations of Thelonious Monk's "Ugly Beauty" and the standard "My Ideal," as well as six original compositions, including "Four Folks" (a piece Parker first wrote and recorded in 1995) and "La Jetée" (a piece he recorded with Isotope 217 in 1997 and Tortoise in 1998). The four all-new original compositions are loop-driven, layered works that combine melodic improvisations with electronic textures. As Parker says, "I'm trying to create a sound world that I can wander around in." The album was recorded by Graeme Gibson at Sholo Studio in Altadena, California (aka Jeff's house) over two days in June 2021

The album follows Parker's critically acclaimed 2020 album Suite for Max Brown, which Pitchfork called "effortlessly detailed, full of tradition and experimentation, spanning generations ... It lives at the forefront of new jazz music." The album landed at #1 on the Billboard Current Contemporary Jazz Chart and #2 on the Contemporary Jazz Chart in the United States. The Los Angeles Times called it "a transcendent set of pieces that occupy a vague terrain illuminated by jazz, experimental electronic music, instrumental hip-hop and genre-bending avant-rock ... Parker's album rises track by track with the majesty of a newly built skyscraper transforming a skyline."


1 Off Om
2 Four Folks
3 My Ideal
4 Suffolk
5 Flour Of Fur
6 Ugly Beauty
7 Excess Success
8 La Jetée