Jorge Drexler - Eco -lp+cd- - 33RPM

Jorge Drexler

Eco LP



Genre: Pop
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Eco is the third album produced by Juan Campodónico, Carlos Casacuberta, and Jorge Drexler. The production is warmer than that of Drexler's previous album, Sea. That does not mean electronic arrangements are abandoned, but there's a more balanced guitar/voice sound that works better with his delicate songs. If you are a Drexler fan, you won't find many surprises here, just the spoken word of "Guitarra y Vos," one of the best moments of this album. Drexler knows the right buttons to push when he wants to charm listeners, and this is what he does on the track that closes the album, the engaging "Salvapantallas." Although it does not break new ground, this album is direct, attractive, and inventive. He has done it again.