Jorge López Ruiz - Coraje Buenos Aires - 33RPM

Jorge López Ruiz

Coraje Buenos Aires



Genre: Jazz
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Coraje Buenos Aires was recorded in 1973, conceived as a follow-up to the historic Bronca Buenos Aires (1971). More explicitly than its predecessor, the texts in Coraje denounced the atrocities of the military junta that ruled the country, and the album was inevitably censored before being released. The tapes, thought to have been burnt and forever lost, were recently discovered in the archive of the late Jorge López Ruiz, allowing us to finally listen to Coraje fifty years after being recorded.

Mastered from the original tapes by Pablo López Ruiz.

Includes foldout sheet with bilingual notes by author José Tcherkaski and an English translation of the album's song texts.

1. Pido perdón por los muertos ("I apologise for the dead") 08:53
2. Creo que ayer me asesinaron ("I think yesterday I was murdered") 06:43
3. Quiénes tendrán la vida por delante ("Who has life ahead of them?") 06:34
4. Coraje Buenos Aires ("Courage, Buenos Aires") 09:27