Karl & Malcouns Hector - Sahara Swing - 33RPM

Karl & Malcouns Hector

Sahara Swing


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Genre: Afrobeat
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Once in a while I can appreciate more light-hearted, less artistic but still enjoyable music. And this one belongs to that category. The music is relatively simple, repetitive and superficial, but it has a great funky drive, and no other aspiration than to bring fun. It brings back musical concepts of the late 60s, especially because of the organ sound, but with the repetitive dance beat of modern music. The good thing is that the tracks are relatively short, so instead of falling asleep for lack of intellectual stimulation or emotional appeal, the variation keeps the attention going. Some of the tracks are great, as "Touré Samar", with a dry funky rhythm guitar, great bass and drums with a powerful horn section, and "Follow The Path", which ressembles some of Mulatu Astatqe's work, yet staying away from the great Ethiopian's soulful music. Don't expect the steaming magic of Fela Kuti either. It funks, it grooves, it sounds African, it sounds jazzy. Most pieces are just bland. I usually hate this kind of music, but well, apparently not today.


Songs / Tracks Listing

1. When the Sun Breaks Through (1:27)
2. Nyx (3:53)
3. Followed Path (4:46)
4. Transition >J< (0:56)
5. Sahara Swing (3:29)
6. Psycles (4:11)
7. Transition >I< (0:16)
8. Koloko Pt. 1 (2:52)
9. Debere (2:37)
10. Transition >B< (0:33)
11. Jabore Pt. 3 (4:07)
12. Mystical Brotherhood (2:41)
13. Timely Interuption (0:22)
14. Transition >Z< (0:42)
15. Mellow (version) (3:24)
16. Rush Hour (2:29)
17. Transition >W< (1:04)
18. Toure Samar (3:17)
19. Passau Run (2:44)

Total Time 45:50

Line-up / Musicians

- Jay Whitefield / bass, guitar, keyboards, percussion, metallophone
- Karl Hector / vocals, percussion
- Thomas Myland / keyboards, percussion, bass, balafon, drums, xylophone
- Zdenko Curulijadrums, bass, guitar, percussion, keyboards, metallophone
- Wolfgang Schlick / bass clarinet, flute, alto flute, baritone, tenor, alto & sopranino saxophones
- Bo Baral / percussion, drums
- Arsene Cimbar / percussion, vocals
- Ben Abarbanel-Wolff / baritone & tenor saxophones
- Franz Brunner / tenor saxophone
- Stu Krause / trumpet, valve trombone