Kate Bush - Hounds of Love - 33RPM

Kate Bush

Hounds of Love


Fish People

Genre: Alternative Rock
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The fifth Kate Bush album from 1985 knocked Madonna off the top spot in the British charts and contradicted everything you thought you knew about successful pop music. Kate Bush produced the two suites of this album in her home studio with its 48 audio tracks and used the technical possibilities to incorporate the studio itself as an instrument. The sonic result was groundbreaking and despite everything, Bush's lyrics remained so complex that critics continued to ask for footnotes. The two suites divide the album into two completely different sides. On the A-side is the suite "Hounds Of Love" with its sensitive and melodic sections that glide over the listener like silk. The suite contains world hits such as "Running Up That Hill" and "Cloudbusting".


Hounds Of Love
Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) 4:56
Hounds Of Love 3:01
The Big Sky 4:35
Mother Stands For Comfort 3:05
Cloudbusting 5:07
The Ninth Wave
And Dream Of Sheep 2:40
Under Ice 2:22
Waking The Witch 4:17
Watching You Without Me 4:06
Jig Of Life 4:03
Hello Earth 6:10
The Morning Fog