Korn - Requiem - 33RPM




Loma Vista

Genre: Nu Metal
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Roaring back after the grief and bloodletting of 2019's The Nothing, metal veterans Korn add yet another highlight to their late-era renaissance with their 14th set, Requiem. The intense, focused assault is as simple and no-frills as can be, a slim nine tracks of introspection, growth, and, shockingly, a faint sense of optimism. Recorded during the COVID-19 lockdown, the band found themselves with no deadlines, no label pressure, and plenty of time to simply record as a full unit (even though founding bassist Fieldy was on hiatus for personal reasons, his basslines are still here). With that space, they tapped into something that's a rarity on a Korn album: setting sights on hope and healing. Let's be clear, though, Jonathan Davis and company haven't delivered a happy pop album. Rather, they're trying to see the light and keep the darkness at bay, taking a self-aware approach to a batch of songs that crushes just as heavily as anything Korn have done in the past
Let The Dark Do The Rest 3:40
Start The Healing 3:28
Lost In The Grandeur 3:50
Disconnect 3:27
Hopeless And Beaten 3:59
Penance To Sorrow 3:21
My Confession 3:35
Worst Is On Its Way 4:04