Laufey - Everything I Know About Love [Vinyl] - 33RPM


Everything I Know About Love


AWAL Records

Genre: Jazz
EAN: 5056167176862
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The LA-based singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist's album revels in sweeping orchestral arrangements and smooth, cinematic jazz vocals. Laufey is a Los Angeles-based singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist whose infectious jazz songs about young love and self-discovery are full of wonder and wanderlust.

Raised between Reykjavík and Washington D.C. with annual visits to Beijing, the Icelandic-Chinese artist grew up playing cello and piano, inspired by her violin-playing mother, and became addicted to the jazz standards of Ella Fitzgerald after digging through her father's records.

Her debut album "Everything I Know About Love" combines modern song structures and sensibilities with the classical musical styles and instruments she learned as a violinist, translating intimate coming-of-age sentiments into gorgeous cinematic moments. The album sweeps from sweeping orchestral arrangements to smooth jazz vocals reminiscent of the range of golden age Hollywood musicals.